Brainstorm Islands: Invent to Survive
By Rob Yonover Ph.D., Ellie Crowe

"Dr. Yonover's whimsical adventure and resourceful tips to stimulate invention and creativity provide young readers with tools for thinking outside the box." - Lynn Fujioka President/Founder ISISHawaii 

"Brainstorm Islands is an inventive tale, charmingly told, that challenges kids to be creative, independent, can-do thinkers. If I'd read this book when I was young, it would be among the few I've cherished -- and kept." - David Rensin, author of All for a Few Perfect Waves, The Mailroom

"No one is more passionate about ideas and techniques for generating them than Rob Yonover. In Brainstorm Islands he creates atmospheric disturbances that cause "idea surges" in the reader's mind."  - Richard C. Levy, Toy and Game Inventor; Author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cashing in on Your Inventions" (2nd edition) and Co-Author of "The Toy and Game Inventor's Handbook" (2nd edition)