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"Every page provides sound practical advice and inspiring real life examples. Hardcore Inventing's can-do approach and action-based ideas will make inventors reach for their got-to-do list." - Guy Kawasaki, Author, Reality Check; Cofounder, Alltop.com

"One of the most resourceful inventors I have ever met. The story of his RescueStreamer alone is worth the cost of admission." - Richard C. Levy, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cashing in on Your Inventions

"Required reading for the 21st-century inventor." - Rick Shema, President, Weatherguy.com

"Recommended reading if you believe that you too have the soul of an inventor." - Perry Farrell, lead singer of Jane's Addiction and creator of the Lollapalooza festival

"Will arm you with special knowledge based on his original IP3 approach, which in my opionion will keep you on track to becoming a successful inventor. I heartily recommend Rob's book." - Robert G. Merrick, author of Stand Alone, Inventor!

"Yonover's inventive thinking and guerilla marketing is nothing but amazing. He inspires and forces each of us to think out of the box with endless passion and smart inventive strategies." - Patrick Sean Flaherty, founder of Brandhalo.com